Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Services in Mauritius.

In 2005 LINKBYNET launched its cloud computing solution in France, @gile thus making us one of the pioneers of Cloud Computing in Europe. Our expertise and first mover advantage gave us a strong reputation in Cloud Services and Cloud Enhanced Services This is a unique offering available at reduced cost thanks to these Improved Cloud services. It also includes global multi-cloud governance with a self-service portal that is the only one of its kind in the market.

Cloud Orchestration, simplifying the Cloud and adding to its value

In between the different Clouds and the different types of cloud available, this may become very complex to handle. Cloud orchestration is the solution that will allow you to have an upper hand and control. LINKBYNET Indian Ocean has a unique set of knowledge and skills in Mauritius when it comes to Cloud Orchestration.

Cloud orchestration simplifies the communication in between apps and users thus ensuring the optimum arrangement, coordination and management of complex computer system and services.

Simple, quick and effective. You just need five minutes, a few clicks and point, and Voila! You have your very own virtual machine.

To meet the strong demand from our clients, we developed a Cloud on Demand application: SelfDeploy. A simple and user-friendly interface. The selection of your deployment area or the configuration of parameters are just a few clicks away.

Public Cloud: flexibility and coverage

On demand access to unlimited IT resources in various geographic locations with flexible and adaptive level of commitment. And all this… within a few minutes.

Depending on the type of applications involved LINKBYNET offers flexible integrating scalability and granular rating with or without commitment; from critical applications, events site, test or development environment site with peak traffic rate or site requiring significant geographical coverage.

We operate in numerous public cloud of our partners across the globe, in Europe, North America (Canada and USA), Asia (China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam), Africa (Kenya, Rwanda South Africa and Mauritius)

Private Cloud, first steps toward the cloud

In a few words a private cloud is an infrastructure which is entirely dedicated to your needs and requirements. Private cloud represents a real asset when it comes to security compliance or consolidation of infrastructure.  If you have very specific parameters or sensitive data, choosing the private cloud is the solution.

Hybrid Cloud, the best of both Worlds

Mix and match your architectures under a single governance! Hybrid cloud is the best way to enjoy the best of both worlds. Private Cloud allows you to use computer systems or business applications in a completely secured way while still being connected to the Public Cloud where flexibility is another advantage.

You can optimize and enhance performance and cost, and also ensure security of your data depending on the level of criticality of the deployed applications.

LINKBYNET offers an optimal value plan that includes certifications, management of APIs and control over the entire ecosystem.