IT Security Auditing in Mauritius

A security audit will give you the opportunity to evaluation your company’s information system by ensuring it meet the preset criteria. Security audit often determine the regulatory compliance that detail how organization must deal with information.

Our expert team will provide you with the best solution to ensure you have the adequate security system.

Network Optimization

It is not uncommon for companies nowadays to have office spread over geographical area. This migh often led to slowed user experience on one end.If you are looking to optimize your bandwith to ensure the best user experience in Wide Area Network our network teams is here to assist your through this process.

Infrastructure Transition

As anything in business, infrastructure as well is dynamic. Our teams will give you the support and advise needed when to take the decision for the prosperity of your business. Our teams are well versed and will be able to accompany you through the way. Transiting from datacenters to cloud hosting or from public to private cloud ; we wil assist you.