Operational Security

Information Systems Security in Mauritius

LINKBYNET has based its security strategy on the acronym AIC: Availability (ensuring the proper functioning of access and information processing), Integrity (ensuring that information is neither altered nor modified) and Confidentiality (ensuring that only authorized persons receive the information). Moreover, the concept of Traceability has introduced a legal aspect and lets you define the liability of actions.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management mainly deals with the operating system and the software .VM will give you the possibility to mitigate any vulnerability and to identify any possible security threats: open ports, insecure software configuration, susceptibility to malware

Web Application Scan

Web application scan enables the detection of vulnerabilities in the web application and architectural weakness. WAS detect vulnerabilities which are currently performing attacks. WAS gives you an upper hand to detect attack that might potentially harm your business.
LINKBYNET’s team will give you the appropriate assistance to proactively detect any vulnerability and threat.

Web Application Firewall

Web application firewall also known as WAF. Amongst the numerous types of attacks that exist, WAF is an effectively way to counter attacks against your applications.
Our WAF experts will frame your needs, ensure timely and accurate alert and reporting

Anti-DDOS Attacks

Productivity and responsiveness are two key elements when it comes to systems and networks. Distributed denial-of-services commonly known as DDOS is a cyberattack is a threat upon the responsiveness and productivity of computer base service. DDOS attacks are gaining considerable importance, it is therefore very important to protect your computer based services against any form of DDOS attack to ensure availability and a good response time.
LINKBYNET has a team which is expert in preventing any form of DDOS Attack to ensure a continued and optimum performance. Our team will be in constant communication with you throughout the crisis to ensure your service is re-established.


SIEM is a computer security software and service. This managed services gives you access to real time analysis of security alerts which are generated by network hardware and applications.
The goal of SIEM is simple: Anticipate and respond. SIEM anticipate and detect any weak signals before any crisis might happen. Respond effectively with post- attach analysis.
Our team of SIEM expert will carry out needs assessments and come forward with adequate solutions. You will also have access to report and an optimized committee for analytical filters

Daily Backup

The terminology backup has gained considerable importance over the past decades. There are numerous way and means to ensure backup and recovery of your data.
Backing up of data represent one essential part of disaster recovery. The fundamental aim of backup is to replicate data so that particular file or application maybe restored in case of lost corruption, deletion or disaster.
LINKBYNET Indian Ocean has a team of backup expert who will ensure full or incremental backups on a recurrent basis.


Ransomware, malware and viruses are getting notoriously famous and it is indispensable for your business to be protected against any form of threat.
The expert security team of LINKBYNET will guarantee you a high level of security to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

File integrity

File integrity monitor critical or any file on the system and send an alert when it detect any change. In other words, file integrity software helps you to monitor changes in configuration. It will alert you of any unplanned or unapproved changes on real-time basis to prevent any vulnerability that might lead to compromise. It also enables you to monitors if your corporate standards and security are met and maintained.