Our Values

  • Reliability

    The projects and missions entrusted to us by our clients are critical. Clients must be able to rely on our involvement, seriousness and ability to meet our contractual commitments. But this reliability also applies to our relations with our employees as well as our partners.

  • Pushing ourselves to the limit

    The only reason we have limits is so that we can overcome them. Since it was founded, LINKBYNET has continuously adopted this approach, capitalizing on the talent of its employees and encouraging them to go beyond what they thought was possible.

  • Innovation

    In the diversity of technologies, in the desire to change the existing ways of adding value for the clients and in the search for modern management methods.

  • Humility

    No one knows the absolute truth. We accept that other voices exist, and thus recognize that people with differing opinions can improve and enrich us because of their differences.