“Since 2009, committed alongside the GoodPlanet Foundation, through its Carbon Action programme, LINKBYNET has supported our association in its mission raising environmental awareness through education, as well as in the efforts against climate change and its consequences. The actions taken by LINKBYNET, which are aimed at achieving a better world, are a source of inspiration for all SMIs.”.


A commitment since the founding of LINKBYNET

Awareness of environmental and social issues is clearly present in all of LINKBYNET’s daily actions and decisions, and also in the service packages we offer to our clients. Our Corporate Social Responsibility approach (CSR) had modest beginnings: selective sorting, recycling cartridges, limiting print-outs, choosing a balanced EDF contract, etc.

An approach validated by meaningful actions

Today, the scale of our approach is growing and meaningful actions are being taken, such as our commitment to several associations like the GoodPlanet Foundation and its Carbon Action program, Our Neighborhoods Have Talent, or even the choice of eco-friendly solutions such as constructing a Minergie building or recycling waste through Joyeux Recycleurs. We are also gradually implementing indicators and reports.

“We believe that social and environmental responsibility is above all a commitment. LINKBYNET is simultaneously dedicated to taking a responsible approach and creating a sense of responsibility, reflected in the actions of our company as well as our employees and even our clients.”.».

Our “Eco-participation” programme

LINKBYNET therefore has implemented a power offset program for its own equipment and that of its clients called “Eco-participation.”
Depending on the equipment being hosted and under facilities management, as well as the services delivered, LINKBYNET offers clients the opportunity to make a financial contribution to offset CO2 emissions caused by their platforms.
LINKBYNET also applies this contribution to its own equipment.
LINKBYNET also fully matches clients’ Eco-participation contributions, and the total is then transferred to our Carbon Action partner.
From the first year, and strictly on a volunteer basis, some 60% of our clients have agreed to take part in the program, which translates into more than 100 accounts.
The funds collected by this program are then used to finance greenhouse gas reduction programs throughout the world to offset the impact of the emissions generated in France.

A head office that perfectly illustrates our commitment

The most visible expression of our commitment is the fact that our head office has achieved the Minergie® label, a highly stringent Swiss certification that guarantees very high energy performance and structures that are eco-friendly and comfortable for users.